New Page: “Top Stories!”


A shelf full of inspiration.

For ease of access, I added a dedicated page on the sidebar for “top stories!” It’s pretty much every one, but I called it that because there’s some stories I posted that are rough drafts of ones in Love&Darkness or, well, just filler from creative writing class back in undergrad.

So check it out to read anew or revisit a favorite:

Top Stories!


Quick Update: Print “Pruritus”!


Well, I had to put *something* here.

Like reading in print? Who doesn’t! Issue 44 of Sanitarium magazine, featuring my horror story “Pruritus,” is now available in paperback from Amazon CreateSpace.

Only $7.99 for mine and like eight other cool scary stories!

“The Agents of Fear” – A Creepypasta Narration

I’m not afraid of anything. But you should be.

Hey, I’m getting serious about this whole YouTube thing now! Thus, welcome to the first in my series of story narrations. Emboldened by an evening thunderstorm, I took a shot at adapting my creepypastaThe Agents of Fear.”


This is my first time doing one of these videos (with little free time and a $0 budget), so I hope it turned out alright! Apologies for no cool illustrations/effects this time around–I’ll figure those out in the future.
Check out the rest of my channel by clicking through with the above embed or go here.


Rumbl in the Tumbl (FOR THOSE UNAWARES)

I just Googled "Tumblr" and grabbed something that came up... I don't know, I got studying to do.

I just Googled “Tumblr” and grabbed something that came up… I don’t know, I got studying to do.

I have a Tumblr now! You’re probably already aware of this if you follow me on Twitter or are a Facebook friend, but I thought I would just make a formal announcement for those who still favor my blog, or wondered whether I had anything interesting to say for the last half-month again. While WordPress has been convenient and enjoyable to share writing through in the past, I’m planning on slowly shifting to and/or redundantly posting my shorter poetry and prose on Tumblr as well, as the more openly social nature of the site will hopefully allow my work to reach a wider audience more quickly–as well as introduce me to amazing projects that others are hoping to publicize, too!

So just follow that link right down there. I promise I’ll go easy on the washed-out nature pictures and HBO gifs!

CAPITAL LETTERS: Shop is now live! + YouTube Stuff

The Notes & Sketches online shop is back online with Love&Darkness: Vol. I officially available alongside Distortions! With the advice, advisory, and mere intellectual presence of Stuart, the issue with the store shop was readily vanquished. For those of you running your own WordPress blogs/stores, know that you must encode the sales button image with an email code, not “website” one. However, the email option doesn’t show up unless you abstain from the merchandising frill “Add a text field” for the buyer, which is… odd. But in any case, it’s taken care of!

So hop on over to check it out, or see the dedicated L&D:v1 page for special previews of the choicest stories. Oh, and tell your friends! Tell your enemies, even! Retweet, Re-Facebook, send a smoke signal! Make cryptic remarks about its quality on a Post-It and drop it on a busy street! I don’t pay for publicity (yet), so word of mouth (er, keyboard?) is all I’ve got.

Oh, and I should mention I’ve got a YouTube channel now. It’s just glitch videos from Darksiders 2 at this point, but something more fruitful will come up soon, albeit possibly on a separate, dedicated channel. Please subscribe and share!

Love&Darkness Has Arrived!

December 21, 2012: Just in time for an entirely different apocalyptic scenario to start sounding “quite possible” in the minds of the lesser populace, Love&Darkness: Vol. I is released!

Love&Darkness Cover

…That is, it would be, but there’s been some ridiculous stumbles: an odd glitch is preventing the PayPal purchase buttons from showing up on the new “SHOP” page (the “Buy Distortions” page is now simply “Distortions,” with detailed information on the book), while I’ve forgotten after two years or so how agonizing inane the formatting process is for ebooks, no matter the method.

It embarasses me in no small amount to sit here on a preordained release date with no way to safely or coherently distribute the book either physically or digitally, but I promise that I’ll get this thing taken care of as quickly as I can! In the meantime, check out the new Facebook Page for Love&Darkness: Vol. I, and don’t forget to re-tweet, Like, put up a belated review for Distortions on Amazon–heck, even do something on Pintrest–first chance you get!

Purchase Page Modifications

I just tweaked a few things on the purchase page–namely, that it wouldn’t hurt to actually say what’s in Distortions!

Speaking of which, the good friend of mine that set up the original page–Stuart Marlantes–has taken the plunge I dared not to and embarked on NaNoWriMo. You can check out his progress on this page… just don’t divert all of your attention away from here! (/egotism)