The Top 7 Micro-Creepypastas – Part III

Welcome to the third compilation video of me reading some of my all-time favorite short creepypastas!

1) “Peripheral Vision”
2) “Food”
3) “Heavy Sleeper”
4) “’Other’ Channels”
5) “Breath”
7) “Growths”

Last I checked, stories can be found here. No clue who originally wrote these, but if said individuals are concerned about this video, just say the word.

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“End of the Line” – Creepypasta Reading

Happy Spring! Apologies for the dearth of O.C. ’round these parts as of late — what additional poems I’ve written have been for private parties, and what stories I’ve continued are either novel-length or best sent straight to a journal upon completion.

In the meantime, though, here’s a new reading of one of my old favorite creepypastas!  It’s longer than the usual, so there’s a few hiccups in there (still getting sound editing down), but I hope you still enjoy it.  Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe if so!  Constructive criticism is always welcome either way.

Original story can be found here (author unknown).

“Illustration” by me.  See more on my Instagram, TNW24!

“Return to the Earth” – Creepypasta Reading

With Earth Day just around the corner, I did another dramatic reading, this time of another of my favorite anonymous creepypastas: “Return to the Earth.”

Original story can be found here.

Photograph by me. See more on Instagram!

My Favorite Short Creepypastas, Narrated.

Just a brief compilation video of me reading my all-time favorite super-short creepypastas! Hopefully accurate timestamps:

1) “The Other Earth”: 0:08 – 1:01
2) “100,000”: 1:04 – 1:49
3) “Worms”: 1:52 – 2:21
4) “Baby Dolls”: 2:24 – 3:02
5) “Now, What Was I Doing?”: 3:06 – 3:34
6) “The Cabinet” – 3:36 – 4:08
7) “Genetic Memory” – 4:12 – 5:28

Original stories can be found here. No clue who wrote them, but if said individuals are concerned about this video, just say the word (also, hi, big fan!).

All photography by me. See more at TNW24 on Instagram!

Video made with the so-far surprisingly good/cheap Windows Movie Maker replacement Movavi Video Suite.

“The Agents of Fear” – A Creepypasta Narration

I’m not afraid of anything. But you should be.

Hey, I’m getting serious about this whole YouTube thing now! Thus, welcome to the first in my series of story narrations. Emboldened by an evening thunderstorm, I took a shot at adapting my creepypastaThe Agents of Fear.”


This is my first time doing one of these videos (with little free time and a $0 budget), so I hope it turned out alright! Apologies for no cool illustrations/effects this time around–I’ll figure those out in the future.
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“The First American September of Tyler Walsh”

Land "Oh"!

Land “Oh”!

Alright, little change of pace here! Or rather, a brief step back in time–this story is another one I wrote for English 384 last quarter  (see also: “Above“). Due to my dissatisfaction over the slightly chopped-up nature of the draft I ended up turning in, though, I didn’t feel comfortable sharing it online, and could never get around to running over it to get everything “just so.” But I finally did, and so here you go!

Some notes: The piece was written as a segment from a novel I’ve been brainstorming for a while (“I Land“), and so I suppose this could be considered a “test run” for the set-up and primary characters. The final scene is the one I had to cut from the original assignment draft for the sake of brevity; I’ve included it here as a sort of epilogue/prologue, and while I’ll admit it currently feels a bit rushed, it still establishes plot details and relationships I didn’t feel were coming through naturally early on. Also, the part of Tyler Walsh (why yes, I was having a hard time coming up with a name!) is herein played by my brother Kyle in a picture on page 2; any further connection between himself and the events of the text is hopefully entirely coincidental.

But enough rambling! If you’ve got a list started of “Stories to Read,” then consider #1 to now be…

The First American September of Tyler Walsh

“An Easier Way to Get Out of Our Little Heads” (A Self Portrait)

I know they're better at scuba diving, that's for sure!

I know they’re better at scuba diving, that’s for sure!

The quarter’s drawing to a close, folks! And with it, my comfort zone-extending melange of writing assignments of both the prosaic and poetic variety. However, I’ve filed this post under both the “poems” and “stories” categories because it’s of a form that’s not quite either: a literary self-portrait. In English 384 (the class that brought you “Above”), we were tasked with taking around two pages to write about ourselves in the manner our myriad course texts–from James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man to Gertrude Stein’s Tender Buttons–had set an example of: by marrying subject and syntax to produce the word-based equivalent of a portrait.

This piece wasn’t stream-of-consciousness, but it was surprisingly easy, because whatever I thought was a good idea usually worked, by the very virtue of it being my thought! So in writing about myself, I tried to mimic the style of my own thoughts and personality: rambling, worried, thoughtful yet lighthearted, and careening between oddly specific tangents and vague emotional aspirations. It’s possibly the most explicitly personal piece I’ve ever shared on here, but hopefully it still entertains you as well!

After all, all I want to find is…

An Easier Way to Get Out of Our Little Heads